1. On the kneeling streets 

On the kneeling streets
of prayers
from dreams with fragrant dragons,
people caught
virtual lights in right palms
blinking with curiosity-eyelashes
counting of from 2 by 2
listening few hearts-sky…

How many of us are still here
to embrace all
this absurd thing
called love?



  1. Uncertain half time

In an uncertain half time

The sky spread silence

In drops of eternity where

Every cloud

Carries thumbnail dreams

In children’s arms

Full of butterflies

  1. Crushed ankles

I crushed my ankles
running straight away
in a rusty clock
without rhyme
of tomorrow
to every 13th hour.

Before was
the flood
from which we reborn
living in peace after



  1. We pass

We pass
some people through others
cleaning us of water
which makes the purity – red

Our bare footprints in hourglass
turned upside down by God
at every 13

It hurts us each return inside us…

  1. In suburbs of my fingers

In suburbs of my fingers,
words trembled at every comma
deleted by each point …

the words gathered in their fist,
this poem called time,
who still wear sand, on left shoulder

the hourglass perfecting it
in nude
our times …
(c)daniela voicu2015




Un răspuns to “POETRY 2015”

  1. Very fine!! Sensual surrealism and sublime truths.

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