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Dishonest Evil

Posted in Uncategorized on aprilie 17, 2013 by Daniela Voicu
Dishonest Evil
My fearful brag
raining on me dazzling lush
with grains of rushing sand dimly
disappointed by time.
The mighty rush makes
all the gazelles’ soul-rambling ills
recover like seal pains.
Legless and hypnotic my cold-hearted song
sounds like rose blossom…
An easy prey to
the dishonest evil
and keenly shrewd red
that explores laborious stars
until my  inky odious
necromancer ends
on burned on paper.
The snowstorm hovers ceaselessly
with snow like pink apricot petals
that panics nude and fearful wives.
Spring is old without you…

Lonely Spring Vampires

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Lonely Spring  Vampires


Mists fade moist.

Opaque rainstorms soil

the shriveling clay

  —laughing bluntly, madly.


The sun explores

  unhappily, and the stars answer

  about life.


The gray cursing cellos fear

rippling the pink apricot petals.

Lonely spring.


The loyal petal grins,

illuminated faintly

on the lithe and lofty ear.


The hopeful snowstorm moves

while mighty knives recur.


My musk skin remembers

songbird embraces and

demons breasts who sleep clumsily.


Scarecrows dream and conspire—

all sordid and vain, and

sluggish in pink while insulting the 



And spring vampires laugh,

remembering carousels, 

necromancers, and

  crying women, 

their proud rain jutting acid.


The bluebird is singing crazily, 

partaking lustfully in the 

addict-romping infinities 

that pinch and rise doggedly in 

flawless cold love.

            1 April 2013