To not lose myself

You can break out of me
time strips
to throw me to the sky,
to be immortal in your hands …
to not lose myself
to be a constellation,
and always looking my self young
with each sunset when we are love …

to let gods to play for me
with harps of heaven
and their hands to caress
all that is missing

to gather the groan dissolution
in a bunch of dew
when you go,
to can make destiny rain
and the tear heaven
over all that is love …

raining … raining over arids
to smell of a wet soul …
at sunrise or to the sunset

I might fly as high
in love with you
in ether

and nobody is sad …
We have ourselves


4 răspunsuri to “To not lose myself”

  1. costea cristian Says:

    superb ma regasec in tot ce scrie aici si apreciez.

  2. Great imagery infused with the emotion. Thank you.

  3. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you Pauline!

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