Magnolias Song -by Daniela Voicu collab with Paul Foss USA

Magnolias Song -by Daniela Voicu collab with Paul Foss

She waits for the blue wind
to erase the trace of his
memory from the creaking snow
with sweet kisses
to caress the first remembrance of their unfulfilled hug

In his mind he still longs to warm her
as he summons the chill of ancient winds upon her
and they lull her back into his comforting embrace
into his outstretched arms

Her sadness sings a magnolia song
flying over thoughts of naked trees
petals emotions pass by rushing into every pore of her skin
without this love nothing will be green

He reminisces whispering in her ear
„you have touched my heart as no other has my dear
even though miles of ocean have kept us apart for years
I still feel our devotion in every waking breath”

She answers back to him softly after feeling his every word
„In my chest all planets of the sky turn build a new Universe for you
I am in the warm glow of the stars in the luminescence of the moon
I am in the refreshing air of new …

Life springs forth from the soft gusts of his loves breath
as it soothingly touches his flesh
sparks ignite into a passionate kiss as he’s taken in by her seductive glance
flames engulf and surround as they dance
coalescing them into one eternal soul

Copyright 2011 Collaboration -Daniela Voicu/ Paul Foss (Phantom flyer)


Un răspuns to “Magnolias Song -by Daniela Voicu collab with Paul Foss USA”

  1. wonderfull feelings,that seems to me to be very passione as love between wife and husband. Merry week, love and deep kisses.

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