by Daniela Voicu

I will paint your body with love words

and my hands will sing every mute

screaming  song

in deeply  secret

you will say all alphabet

in every  languages of infinite


Do you remember?

….and the first snowing on your face

me …laughing

because every step of tango

was so funny indeed

I was so unknown dancer


To making love

I remember all


6 răspunsuri to “REMEMBER”

  1. Its very nice,you must be a wonderful Woman

  2. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Delightfully spun…yours are always treasures of words.

  4. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you so much my friend!

  5. noi i ti multumim pentru ceea ce ne oferi in dar

  6. flaviafelix Says:

    Multumesc mult!

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