Cathedral of your love
by daniela voicu

To live correct we must be born old
and we can see  the life
with intelligent soul

the love its in everything
i saw, one day
in your poetry and in your painting

i saw love in your dance
and i saw my self
in the mirror of time  balance

i am lost in your  crazy arms
reading me ,, Les animaux  de personne,,
the night sing me transparent note of Bach

looking in your eyes
i see a big Cathedral of your soul
holding Gioconda


you  love me  i think this present
can be the future


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  1. Daniel D'Antonio Says:

    Hello Daniela; I thank you very much for this kindly and woth poem, about love, I hope you are going to meet it, I wish you a merry week.end and amusing week, all the best, love
    yours Daniel

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