Tatuaj Vant
by Daniela Voicu and William Nelson USA

waiting…on a life
my soul, was born in the light of love
in the day you come searching
some days…I listen for the wind
so alone, a whisper of heart
dancing ‘passo doble’
in the empty street
so far away,
the wind all we have…
standing in the darkness…
smiling at your shadow
the empty street , my only friend
 come with me wind, come, to find the mystery of your clouds
 to fly away in this mixed love
 like lost angel’s
 looking for heaven,
 in shut eyes
my wings are broken
my lips are bleeding
too much red
from a flowing heart
and it hurts to remember
your heaven
I’ve found the mystery
Searching in your clouds
in your eyes
too drop to my knees
lovers in cold bliss
the touch of a slow kiss
such words…such worlds
 come wind, come to me, save my soul
 dance with  me  in rain and in fire
come with me to remember desire!
 the hole in me… so large…so great
 please…fill this blank
 call this love, call this something more
waiting for a life…to call you mine


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