Hope and Gratitude

Written by Daniela Voicu and Rory


stay with me on this island of hope
you and me
 be mine
together walking nude on the golden sand
of this amazing love

while the ocean breezes wash over us
I give you my entire being
receive me with certainty
this love will be
forever yours

the gods know, my love for you
they’ve heard my prayers
imploring life to give
one more day then
to stay with you

each day I look towards the sky
thankful for the blessing
that is you
I am you, you are me
time would cease in cold seconds
the sun would never shine
rarely would..
the moon make light
without you, in my life

an empty vessel I would become
left  navigating this life without the light
from the heavens
if suddenly I turned around
only to discover you weren’t there

Written by Daniela Voicu and Rory

©Daniela Voicu & ©rj2009


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