Even The Gods Blush

By Daniela Voicu and William Taylor Jr.  USA

I have the sun in my hands matching

With your heart

 It burns with magic fire and I hold it to my breast

 I keep the fire in my hands, love and passion

Flying blue birds around in the sunset are your dreams;

I reach for them but they are too high to be caught.

I watch them disappear

But the warmth remains

So far in your sky, so close in my life,

Your light make rainbow in desires

You are the sun I am your sky

A brightness that makes even the darkness shine

with colors only god can see

We dance in Valhalla, the infinite its you

And the touch and the scent of your skin is

A dream bigger than the sky,

Even the gods blush at the thought of it

 I am reading in your eyes planets align,

And with your kiss, I am the zenith

I have your heart in my chest

And it will teach me to fly as we burn.


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