Caminar beyond of doubt


By Daniela Voicu  and  Wordmachinist™  USA

Sun drops blinding dirty eyes

as the mesmerized tears fall with aplomb

I have reached into the recesses of my heart

as the kick drum explodes without a sound

I am empty…for the sun will not go down.
mi vida- transform whisper in blood of haiku trees

mi piel, like a dark sky need

the sun to come, make a color dry

…at my lips
I am One with this land

I have big branches violet
My hands are strong with weakness

a rapport of worry lined toil

my lips are weak without your kiss
Still as the Andalusian girls linger,

I hunger for the nectar of your tempest kiss

and a lightning flash of bravery jolts my heart.

camino in deep bamboleo naked waves of my dream

Gregarious jaunt beyond the boulders of doubt

Cast out like as impure or unsure

no doubt, my violet branches keep the stars on the sky
and I am at a formidable loss, when those stars fall

and the moon makes faces at me.

( moon is such a brat)

dark stone visage laughing crater-like

I wanted you,

when my branches were green

and I was your green everything –life
Now cracked, brittle with age I embrace your fallen bark

now, everyone alone
Your sap cannot be culled from the deepest gouge

Merriment dances from your eyes

Lashed pine branch raft, river tickles

current stronger than my pride

be mine! in this andalus dream

Inside you is effervescence, enlightenment

fire of unknowns desires

the task trembles with unknown implications

swallow in my veins

as the nape beckons with cool sweat.
the trumpets and alabaster cymbals are lost

in the cacophony of my heart
A gutter ballet rages and the page is wet

with blood….and tears

and silence, my lips



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