Blue remembers

          By Daniela Voicu and Aaron Held USA

Walking on my memories with blue roses

steps on the sand, cold sand

a frozen sea  touches my legs, my ankles

Remembered ridiculous enamored butter,

crows that form a rose, cold stepping sand, spider legs touch…

The spinal embrace, my eyes saw blue roses in the dead sea.

 Lie down on the green land watching the moon

 I saw your shadow kiss my face

and you were gone…

 I saw them Saturday waves ride by your “oh jeez smiles”

 that shadows face was gone off watching the green moon…

Big hands from the land keep me unmoved

 I want to run but still in here, alone in the desert of desires

I am dust, blown by the moon wind

I am your love, but still a cold sea

Walking on my desert of memories

Stand-alone in endless ruts

Feet tickled with desire, behold the sand’s reflection melting soft tissue.

Stand-alone dust blows the horn,

desert love remembers the sea’s assault

cold moon spies over the swirling sand

Pink flakes of candy hearts flow on the

grey air

 Lime candles all around, make a way back

 The picture book leaves me lying in wait… internal insect’s fill the candy air.

Pink candles waving the heart, flowing

…And your eye’s a twin of the sea

remember this infinite blue

and roses

The sea slightly separates revealing the curious poets mind.


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