And you are light
By Daniela Voicu  and  “ Decomposition” USA

I have thought it over and I am not sorry

not after all
not for anything
 not over your dead body or otherwise
sharing diamonds
 star dust with the angels
 they cut me out of my fair share
 and ran out on me
 I am in the hundredth dimension of my life
The blue,
The wonderful,
 The last,
The sinister balance of the past
     the first  unclouded dream about  you
 I had
   You were standing in the solar rain
  and you are light
Blind my desires abstract
I never stood a chance
Osiris had his thumb on the scale
  And you are light
   Throw me with you in the infinite ocean of human pleasures
 pleasure to be alive: laughing, crying
 Those the bluebirds you thought you saw are now vultures;
I am old. All this infinite, its old
 I am still not sorry
I will carry you to my grave and further still
 Though you know me no longer,
I knew you when you were light
I feel you when you are infinite
 When you are One with the universe of my body
and I  with the rivers and mounds of yours
I am young. I am too young for this infinite
and still I am not sorry

  You cannot make it so. 

11august 2009


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