I often wonder
Exactly where my life will lead,
What it is that will make me happy?
Fulfill my hopes and dreams:

I look in time, and see me young
A beautiful innocent kid,
Bring the easy life
 In the future brave hands
 I am looking inside and see me now
 Without you in my brave arms:
        and transparent.
But it is just a glance
 Into my future
or possibly my past
 I can’t be sure which
the first or the last.
For so many things have happened within this life
some good,
some bad,
 some wonderful,
At least once…maybe twice.
I was touching your face with these hands…
I felt your beauty painted on my palms
             tears, lips, breath,
 Life with you before to autumn come…
 And I also think of you
 all our time together
how much it meant
 The nights and days, all mesh together
Like the golden leaves of autumn,
 my heart is spent
for all the longing, deep inside
For all the time we could have shared
  I wonder, will it ever be…
Will she know how much I truly cared?
Or will the days keep moving forward
as before
Without you, alone
Your presence no longer there…



By Daniela Voicu and Cliff Bruce USA


2 răspunsuri to “ALONE”

  1. Noël Christian homestead: Theatre of Words Says:

    The hands are the most unforgettable actors in this poem – reaching, feeling, trusting, leading, but above all laying upon the beloved of the world and capturing it in such sureties of sensation. The voice mutters its commentary, but hands capture all that must be said and clasp it lightly, and then offer it outwards with a gentle opening of fingers. Nicely done.

  2. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you

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