Arhivă pentru Noiembrie, 2009


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Cuib 3 decembrie 2009


Surfing Silence

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Surfing  Silence

Daniela Voicu

În fiecare zi este un loc pentru o alta zi

Pentru ieri , pentru  azi….

Aşteptăm să respirăm  un parfum

Fără praf şi fum, în zonele  de aer  delimitate .

Suntem într-o clepsidră  care curge  cu suflete

Unul câte unul

În eter.

Ne facem loc, ne zbatem să prindem un loc mai în faţă,

Sau ne agăţăm de orice scuză pe care o transformăm

Într-o  scară,

Să mai urcăm doi paşi sau  trei peste cadavrele dorinţelor noastre,

Dar  cădem în abis plutind pe  nimbus ca nişte semizei

Ghidându-ne după unicul curcubeu  de  harpe

Şi melodii divine…

Ne trezim apoi din visarea la o constituţie democratică

Ale drepturilor  sufletului  din aceasta clepsidră:

Am dreptul să visez la libertatea mea…

Am dreptul să traiesc etern….


Viaţa, ca o adiere de vânt ce palpită în plămânii noştri,

Respirând  rar, des, des…rar….urlă…

Vrea mereu să evadeze în alt trup sau spaţiu,

Tăcerea  umplând locul liber dintre suflet şi noi….

Sufletul se rupe şi dispare, când vrea, fără să dea notă explicativă.

Ramâne doar tăcerea,

Ca o trecere peste tot vine, ca ultimul val uriaş, să ne  mântuie…

Se retrage apoi rămânând urma unei clepsidre

Undeva …

Cine îşi va mai aminti?

21 november 2009


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I often wonder
Exactly where my life will lead,
What it is that will make me happy?
Fulfill my hopes and dreams:

I look in time, and see me young
A beautiful innocent kid,
Bring the easy life
 In the future brave hands
 I am looking inside and see me now
 Without you in my brave arms:
        and transparent.
But it is just a glance
 Into my future
or possibly my past
 I can’t be sure which
the first or the last.
For so many things have happened within this life
some good,
some bad,
 some wonderful,
At least once…maybe twice.
I was touching your face with these hands…
I felt your beauty painted on my palms
             tears, lips, breath,
 Life with you before to autumn come…
 And I also think of you
 all our time together
how much it meant
 The nights and days, all mesh together
Like the golden leaves of autumn,
 my heart is spent
for all the longing, deep inside
For all the time we could have shared
  I wonder, will it ever be…
Will she know how much I truly cared?
Or will the days keep moving forward
as before
Without you, alone
Your presence no longer there…



By Daniela Voicu and Cliff Bruce USA


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Tatuaj Vant
by Daniela Voicu and William Nelson USA

waiting…on a life
my soul, was born in the light of love
in the day you come searching
some days…I listen for the wind
so alone, a whisper of heart
dancing ‘passo doble’
in the empty street
so far away,
the wind all we have…
standing in the darkness…
smiling at your shadow
the empty street , my only friend
 come with me wind, come, to find the mystery of your clouds
 to fly away in this mixed love
 like lost angel’s
 looking for heaven,
 in shut eyes
my wings are broken
my lips are bleeding
too much red
from a flowing heart
and it hurts to remember
your heaven
I’ve found the mystery
Searching in your clouds
in your eyes
too drop to my knees
lovers in cold bliss
the touch of a slow kiss
such words…such worlds
 come wind, come to me, save my soul
 dance with  me  in rain and in fire
come with me to remember desire!
 the hole in me… so large…so great
 please…fill this blank
 call this love, call this something more
waiting for a life…to call you mine


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Even The Gods Blush

By Daniela Voicu and William Taylor Jr.  USA

I have the sun in my hands matching

With your heart

 It burns with magic fire and I hold it to my breast

 I keep the fire in my hands, love and passion

Flying blue birds around in the sunset are your dreams;

I reach for them but they are too high to be caught.

I watch them disappear

But the warmth remains

So far in your sky, so close in my life,

Your light make rainbow in desires

You are the sun I am your sky

A brightness that makes even the darkness shine

with colors only god can see

We dance in Valhalla, the infinite its you

And the touch and the scent of your skin is

A dream bigger than the sky,

Even the gods blush at the thought of it

 I am reading in your eyes planets align,

And with your kiss, I am the zenith

I have your heart in my chest

And it will teach me to fly as we burn.


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Hope and Gratitude

Written by Daniela Voicu and Rory


stay with me on this island of hope
you and me
 be mine
together walking nude on the golden sand
of this amazing love

while the ocean breezes wash over us
I give you my entire being
receive me with certainty
this love will be
forever yours

the gods know, my love for you
they’ve heard my prayers
imploring life to give
one more day then
to stay with you

each day I look towards the sky
thankful for the blessing
that is you
I am you, you are me
time would cease in cold seconds
the sun would never shine
rarely would..
the moon make light
without you, in my life

an empty vessel I would become
left  navigating this life without the light
from the heavens
if suddenly I turned around
only to discover you weren’t there

Written by Daniela Voicu and Rory

©Daniela Voicu & ©rj2009


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Blue remembers

          By Daniela Voicu and Aaron Held USA

Walking on my memories with blue roses

steps on the sand, cold sand

a frozen sea  touches my legs, my ankles

Remembered ridiculous enamored butter,

crows that form a rose, cold stepping sand, spider legs touch…

The spinal embrace, my eyes saw blue roses in the dead sea.

 Lie down on the green land watching the moon

 I saw your shadow kiss my face

and you were gone…

 I saw them Saturday waves ride by your “oh jeez smiles”

 that shadows face was gone off watching the green moon…

Big hands from the land keep me unmoved

 I want to run but still in here, alone in the desert of desires

I am dust, blown by the moon wind

I am your love, but still a cold sea

Walking on my desert of memories

Stand-alone in endless ruts

Feet tickled with desire, behold the sand’s reflection melting soft tissue.

Stand-alone dust blows the horn,

desert love remembers the sea’s assault

cold moon spies over the swirling sand

Pink flakes of candy hearts flow on the

grey air

 Lime candles all around, make a way back

 The picture book leaves me lying in wait… internal insect’s fill the candy air.

Pink candles waving the heart, flowing

…And your eye’s a twin of the sea

remember this infinite blue

and roses

The sea slightly separates revealing the curious poets mind.