by Daniela Voicu

I listen to the rain"s soft music 
on preludes of notes over deeper night 
on south 

refreshing the veniam  air
                       which  kisses the 
zenith of my
       sideral       heart  

your hands  besiege aprioristic 
my wax body 
slow  painting with 
             drops of rain
my skin:   
water flowers
pink snowflakes 
purple butterflies 

you take the  rain 
dressing  me  queen
          the solstice kiss 

and the silence of the breath 

2 răspunsuri to “BESIEGE”

  1. How great this poem!
    it is like a ” lyric obn the Bible: in to the ” Song ofsong” book; or it seems like poem of Gabriele D’Annunzio, so great feelings on both sense.
    Lovely, you are full in love of this sensation.
    Happy Summer,love

  2. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you

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