sipping stars, moon & sun from a deep abiding love




sipping stars, moon & sun from a deep abiding love

(Collaboration By Daniela Voicu & Stephan Anstey)

The stars can not forgive my want for you,
they are jealous that I know your skin.

The moon rises large and hard and slow
from below the deep sky, talking about you
I strip away everything,
until I am naked before you.
my desire stretches to touch the darkness.

But your eyes blaze with a memory of sunlight,
„touch me slowly
with the tongue of your screamed words

gently, I touch you, syllable by syllable,
until the letters cover you with my dreams
and you gasp, „Wait til i find my words.”

I exist to wait for you darling.

I imagine your tongue, my tongue, our bodies
like one rope twisted in a knot
entwined in a  sentence
painted at the nape of the sky

Every stanza logged, and our journey mapped,
I guide my hands under your horizon
to the unknown places of your body,
I sail along your flesh to discover you

let the velvet of summer evening wrap around us,
soft and kind, one body amidst the stars and bliss

I come
to conquer your land my banner raised,
I come and you take me with you in desire


2 răspunsuri to “sipping stars, moon & sun from a deep abiding love”

  1. mwah, hot hot hot (x)

  2. Sensual poetry is very hard to write, but this came out pretty good, if i do say so myself 🙂 we did well!

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