In the park without feathers

In the park without feathers

By Daniela Voicu  &  Stephan Anstey



On the last day after the rain,
the sky mirrored my memories
everything was blue and lost and birdless
a subtle breathless silence without wind ,   
without you
until the red balloon slipped the hands of the little girl
feeding the ducks 
I see you on the bicycle singing Sinatra 
I look up, „God
are you there?” 
I wait for the „yes.” 
There is only you,
loud as if the sun could not see you,
and honest as if clouds were impossible
I would cry
because the sky is not mine
because you are not mine
you belongs only to the birds,
and I have no wings.
I can’t touch the sun. 
I can’t.
My hands ache as I clench them.
The ground is so cruel when she holds my feet like this. 
Here, at the end
as the bicycle rolls away
as  I love you more
as I love you more than I love the sky
the blue
the pink
the gold
the balloon floats away
the girl cries 
I wait 

3 răspunsuri to “In the park without feathers”

  1. beautiful. the sorrow and regret flow through this beautifully, with just a little desire thrown in too. beautiful words beautiful lady (x)

  2. flaviafelix Says:

    Thank you so much Lorry

  3. I had such fun writing with you Dani!

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