Raindrops’ Sonata

Raindrops’ Sonata

By Steve Robison and Daniela Voicu



Part 1: Prelude



Moon’s light bends in the translucence of raindrops

Lovers drenched in the perfection of the moment

Still stained in the memories 

Electric passion of the last storms  


Breaking new light of the full moon 

Remnants of sunset pink hues fading

Clothed and embraced in a song of rain

Lasting scream of two beating hearts 


Their answer to resplendent happiness

Pleasant sound, subtle, slight

The rain’s drops falling on their faces

Looking upward at the brightening moon


Quiet, yet aware, a gentle reminder

Of the love they now and have forever

Shared, in the droplets 

Washing away the final falling tear


Remembering the furious passions 

Of yesterday’s disasters

Moon and rain witness the mix 

Misunderstandings of life below

Falling, showering, covering, knowing


The lovers have been together since 

Time began

Their love placed the moon in the sky

Set adrift, encircling forever

Shining, the last star 


Love’s moonlight sonata 

Shining forever on the dark romance

Soft breeze – ever-present, ever-blowing, ever-alive




Part 2: Gift 



I want to make you a gift 

Sweet and a little strange 

It’s a gift, the one you never accept from me…


Your smile I will give to the moon


Only in the night can I think on you

And because your smile is more important than what people say…

All words…


It’s a gift 


What I tell you now


This… it never ends 


It is forever, we are forever


Before knowing you, love, 


My life was the same as most lives…

But the love is bigger than our Universe now 

I will give to the rain and the moon your smile 




Part 3: Acceptance



Your gift I accept

With contriteness of heart

It flows with the truth

An offering in love


Great tree of great life

Stands today and tomorrow

Soft breeze of love’s moment

Gently kisses each leaf


I offer my smile

To you and the moon

As happiness blooms

When you enter this scene


Our Universe grows

As we live this new dream

Cleansed in the rain

Smiling with the moon


2 răspunsuri to “Raindrops’ Sonata”

  1. Part 2 really gets to me. I just especially love the ‘thinking on’ line.. it’s very subtle and romantic.

  2. ddreisen76 Says:

    Good poems, so romantic, but if you would pit on also the prelude of Beethoven, it would be great!
    Congratulations, love

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