Soaking angel

Soaking angel

Soaking angel
by Daniela Voicu & IP

denude me and sip
one drop from my integrity
through an eternal kiss

touch me slowly
like the poet’s pen tickles the paper…
the miracle of interflow dwells in us

write on my skin with your finger
a poem of love
and step gentle inside me
where no man entered before

release the screams from the claws of pleasure
and give me the power to hold you
when you are lost in my veins

come and leave
falling in angel’s soaked lights
which are glowing through your roots

fill me with you and then reap
the fruitage of every minutes
where I hid you from the curiosity of the walls

every day and every life
walk slowly
within the lanes of my body


5 răspunsuri to “Soaking angel”

  1. ddreisen76 Says:

    well, is it a page of the „Ecclesiastic book”, or was it one of your experience of love, with your sentimental partner? How like would be your partner!

  2. flaviafelix Says:

    just a poem … tx for comment

  3. ddreisen76 Says:

    that is all right!

  4. You speek as a great lover, than you had also finfed out your happy, that is enclosed in the word ” love”. Are you going to discover it in more deep?
    How romantic and also religious you are, I appreciate your aim.

  5. you speek as a great lover, than you had also find edit out, your happy,..sorry for types mistaken.
    love and excuse me

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